"We are God's workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus
to do good works
which God prepared
in advance for us to do."

(Ephesians 2:10)

Welcome to Kingdom-Entrepreneurs.comKE is a new ministry arm of JLPF that links Kingdom Entrepreneurs in America with Kingdom Entrepreneurs in the Developing Countries of the world where we are involved. While our JLPF website focuses primarily on the spiritual dimension of our partnerships, this KE web site focuses primarily on the social dimensions of our projects. These are the empowering and self-support projects we help our national partners start and grow that provide training, jobs, sustainability, dignity and hope for them, their families and communities.

Our financial investment in them is made possible through the financial investment of our business partners, entrepreneurs and churches here in America who help with micro-loans and start-up capital. And these empowerment programs are for both men and women. But each one must be firmly anchored in a local church whose witness we are committed to strengthening through these small Kingdom business enterprises.

About Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Let me share with you in more detail about how this concept has captured my mind, heart and ministry. Maybe you are thinking, “Who in the world are Kingdom Entrepreneurs?” “What do they do?”

Glad you asked! Entrepreneur is a very common word that is used throughout the business world today. Although it did not enter the mainstream American corporate vernacular until the early 1970’s, it can now be found in business journals, MBA courses and seminars across corporate America. ...read more

Featured Investment Opportunities

Hydraform Brick Making

Yaw Asante is a partner of over 3 decades. He is not only a passionate evangelist and pioneer church planter, he is also a builder. Unlike most of his fellow pastors and Christian leaders in Ghana, Yaw is firmly committed to being bivocational. God has blessed him with skills in both physical building and spiritual building. We were able to purchase him a Hydraform Brick Making Machine to help him in his bivocational ministry. God is using him to introduce this new building technology to Ghana which is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. In the process, he is demonstrating a holistic bivocational ministry like the Apostle Paul.


Featured Book

God as an Investment Capitalist

This study will challenge your thinking on the compatibility of God and money, and just might change your approach in how you do business.

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